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"What Tools Will I Need To Build My Aluminum Boat Kit?"

Now when it comes to0 fabricating one of these boat kits yourself, you're going to need a good welder. When it comes to welding you need to have a machine that's a Push/Pull machine. This machine has a motor right at the stinger at that helps pull wire and it's also got a push mechanism so it's a Push/Pull welding machine.

This is a Lincoln Power MIG. Miller also makes machines that you can buy. These machines vary in cost. You can even rent these machines to get through your project. If you buy a machine, prices start around thirty five hundred dollars and you can sell them when you're done with your kit if you need to defer the cost unless you want to build another boat kit.

Hand tools that are required to build a boat like this; you're looking at the a few sanders; little four-inch grinders; One of those is all you need. The windows come in these panels. We leave them just to act as a heat sink. So when you are welding you get very little warpage on the window areas where there's big cut-outs to do that all you need is a skill saw any worm drive circular saw with carbide blade and that'll do everything you need to do to cut it. So there's really a minimum I'll tools you need to put together one of these boat kits.

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